Diamond Tools

Scan-Visan develops, manufactures and renovates a full range of diamond tools of its own design for operation on construction sites and within the stone industry as well as for a number of very special applications.

Scan-Visan produces its own line of diamond segments, each type meeting specific requirements. Thanks to a flexible organization, we are always ready to meet very specific requirements to comply with individual customers need, wheather it turns out to be abrasive, cutting or drilling tools we are in a position to deliver a working soution of optimal quality.

Diamond Tools originating from Scan-Visan have an extensively long life-time in operation and give you entire satisfaction at any occasion in presenting the best work-performance-results related to quality versus price.

Conductive Sintering of Metallic items

Scan-Visan undertakes R&D works to reach specific requirements during the production process in close cooperation with customers, which can be related to different parameters such as composition of powders in production of sintered metal items. Our machinery is adaptable to small as well as to large production rates of various items for use in different industries such as brake pads, curremtly delivered to the Automotive and Aeronautic industries.

General Terms of Sales & Delivery

Terms of Sales & Delivery


Diamond Core Drill from Scan-Visan