Decency – Global Goal 8

At Scan-Visan, we have made a choice. We want to be a transparent and decent company to our employees, customers, suppliers, and other partners. We value high on transparency and decency, which is why we work with Global Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth.

One of our goals is to involve all employees in current as well as future operations. That is why, we in 2021 have introduced permanently structured staff meetings. This gives everyone the opportunity to contribute, whit both large as well as small issues and ideas for our business. We also focused on well-being and job satisfaction among our employees.

It is important that we know each other’s personalities, we see differences as advantages rather than limitations. Therefore, personal profiles have been prepared for all employees, which is also the basis for the New Year’s cure. A professional consultant from PiiPL, has prepared the profiles based on “Insights Discovery”. The profiles form the basis for individual personal employee interviews, there take place every year. A consultant from PiiPL is also involved in these interviews, so that a professional approach to the process is ensured. This work will continue in 2022 and forward.

All permanent employees at Scan Visan generally receive a pension agreement.

Another important goal for us, is to help ensure high professional quality in the industry through education. It should be easier for the industry to recruit blacksmiths. That is why, we at Scan Visan will continuously focus on blacksmith apprentices and, as a minimum have one employed during their education.

We will contribute with support for voluntary social efforts, whether it is voluntary efforts in the form of grassroots sports or associations that make a difference for people with developmental disabilities.