Diamond Core Drills

Diamond Core Drills


Scan-Visan carries out retipping of weared out diamond saw blades still mechanically acceptable within standard/tolerances, non-defective diamond saw blads and discs. The steel core is then provided with brand new diamond segments, ready for another period of efficient performing.

The warranty period of retipped tools is the same as for new tools.

Quick delivery

Scan-Visan offers day-to-day deliveries of all our standard tools. Customized tools are to a large extend available for delivery shortly after our confirmation of your written order. We are currently keeping a large stock of segments and standard tools for immediate delivery for action on any worksite.

Standard Connections

Unless otherwise ordered:

Core Drills BELOW Ø72mm. Are delivered as standard with thread ½” and 45 degrees fitting.
Core Drills FROM & WITHIN Ø72mm. Are delivered as standard with 5/4″ UNC thread.

Diamantkernebor og hammer

Scan- Visan produces all kinds of threads such as: PIXI , WG / WFG or metric threads.


Scan-Visan offers our own quick-connect System. One of the best systems on the market.