Diamond Saw Blades

Diamond Saw Blades

Extensive Life-time and Efficient in operation

Scan-Visan produces and renovates diamond saw blades for operation in among other the stone and construction industries.

The diamond saw blades originating from Scan-Visan are provided with diamond segments produced on the basis of our own recipes exclusively, and are high quality standards, excellent in cutting, are stable and durable in operation, migth it be wet/dry cutting by means of special cutting machines for works on natural stones, marble, granite, or when cutting tiles, ceramics or asphalt.

Quick delivery

Scan-Visan offers day-to-day deliveries of all its standard tools. Also customized tools can to a large extend be delivered shortly after achiving our confirmation of your written order. We have a large stock of segments as well as tools ready for use.


Scan-Visan carries out retipping of weared out saw blades, but still mechanical acceptable as in regard tolerances and shape, before brazing of brand new diamond segments on the steel core. By the way customer saves time and costs.

The warranty period of retipped tools is the same as for new tools.

Sales and Consultancy

It is the goal of Scan-Visan to provide its customers with the best service and the most accurate and proffesional advisory on the market regarding our products, in assisting you in getting the right tool for your specific need and work-situation.

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The best Efficiency of Saw Blades


The most Durable saw blades