Diamond Segments

Diamond Segments

Own Production of Diamond Segments. High Quality in Focus

Scan-Visan develops and produces an exclusive line of diamond segments for its own range of diamond tools.

Diamond Segments from Scan-Visan are characterized by:

  • Diamonds distributed equally throughout the segment
  • Optimal grinding & cutting performances
  • Long lifetime
  • Low operation costs
  • On the edge of technical progress
  • Fit for your specific need and requirements.​​

​Innovation. The right Diamond Segments for your specific Task

Scan-Visan has over 2,000 unique prescriptions of diamond segmentsas a result of our R&D activities and experience gathered from customers work sites and extreme work conditions. This ensures you that the segments of your diamond tools are exactly what you need to perform the task in a satisfactory manner. A diamond segment consists of diamond crystals bonded to metal. Diamond crystals make up the abrasive / cutting features and the metal has the ability to maintain the crystals until they are worned out. The composition of diamond crystals and the content of the metal mixture is crucial to the quality and characteristics of the segment.

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Diamond segments produced on modern machines to reach high quality standards. Scan- visan ‘s suppliers have a certified quality system. This ensures diamond segments of high quality with the right properties.