Sintered Steel Components in Mold Press

Sintered Steel Components in Mold Press

Steel Metal Technology

Scan-Visan is specialized in manufacturing metallic components by means of Conductive Sintering Technology.

Sintered steel items are providing the end-user with a particularly high dimensional accuracy due to the process operated under high pressure by means of a special tool. By the way, the sintered steel items produced by Scan-Visan are resisting both high temperatures and deformation.

In close co-operation with our customers in various fields, such as in Off-shore, Automotive and Aeronautic industries, Scan-Visan develops and produces sintered steel products of extremely high quality standards, for extreme work conditions and safety requirements such as various types of brake pads.

Thanks to the Sintered Steel Technology, Scan-Visan is in a position to deliver items for for the job and the envirement in which it shall be actively in part of. This method allows to produce efficiently items of intricate shape and special details.

Scan-Visan is currently producing components to the Off-shore, Automotive and Aeronautic industries.

Sintrings proccess - sinter

Heated Sintered Steel Item

Presser til sinter

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